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This page was last updated: March 3, 2015

Hello Neighbors!

The calendar tells us it's March, and we eagerly anticipate those tell-tale signs of spring to show themselves! A friend shared a funny post on Facebook recently. It read: "It is now March. Please take down your Christmas decorations. Maybe that's why winter won't leave. It's confused." So, get out there and do your part to rid ourselves of this wintry weather!

As temperatures rise, it's always good to keep in mind that crime tends to follow suit. The bad guys are looking for easy targets and opportunties. There have been several entries on Next Door where suspicious people have been trolling the Sauganash area. One was going door-to-door while a white van followed him down the street. Another neighbor reported her Shutterfly order stolen right off her porch, which included pictures of her family. In yet another case, a neighbor saw a man actually reach into her yard and try to take one of her patio chairs; he put the chair down and waved when he saw her. If you see suspicious activity, please call 9-1-1 immediately. Be able to give an address, direction in which the person/vehicle was heading, personal description (race, height/weight, clothing), vehicle description (make, model, plate). Be sure to say "suspicious person or suspicious vehicle with/without occupants." These terms illicit a more urgent response from police than other terminology. If you are able to snap a photo, you can offer that to the 9-1-1 calltaker; they do not offer that option to you, but if you mention it to them, they are obligated to allow you to submit it. 

Please keep in mind some important dates:

March 11th for the next SPCA Board Meeting, North Shore Community Bank, 4343 W. Peterson, at 6:30 PM
March 23rd for the 4200 Rosemont/Arshad Thomas criminal trespass continuance, 5555 W. Grand, at 9:00 AM
March 25th for the next CAPS meeting

Carpools are strongly encouraged for the 4200 W. Rosemont case! It is important to represent the community!

Stay safe! We hope to see you soon!


We'd like to welcome our latest board member, Mike Frasure, who will be spearheading our Block Captain program. If you have interest in becoming a block captain volunteer or want additional information about the program, please contact Mike at or call him at (312) 401-3675. You, too, can become a board member and contribute your valuable ideas and expertise to our community causes. Contact Kathy Bedrio at or call (773) 322-3512 if you'd like to join the board. On the fence? Come to a meeting and see what we do, think about it, then let us know. Our next meeting is March 12th.

Remember to check our calendar for local activities and events. We try our best to find things of interest for all ages.

In the meantime, stay toasty! Please take extra care of your pets, and don't forget to check on the elderly, disabled, or otherwise vulnerable neighbors!

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This page was last updated: March 3, 2015