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This page was last updated: June 27, 2014

Are you counting down to the 4th of July? I think most of us are looking forward to a nice four-day weekend with friends and family. If you're in town, we hope we'll see you at the annual 4th of July Parade and Picnic, which is always great fun for all. This event is sponsored by your community association dues, and the board will be on hand to collect your membership applications and dues for the 2014-15 year. Please make your $30 (or $20 for seniors 64+) check payable to the Saugnash Park Community Assocition. If you're in the mood to volunteer, we'll find a place for you, too.

Block Captains: We still need volunteers! Our Block Captain Coordinators, Cynthia De Salazar and Betsy Lazar, are very passionate about this effort, and will soon be combing the neighborhood with a city employee who recognizes the value of this endeavor.  The block captains have volunteered to accurately update our database with contact information, serve as point people for communication (such as moving cars for snowplows), and encourage support and involvement in Sauganash Park. If interested, contact Cynthia at (773) 895-5734.

4th of July: As previously stated, after many years of manning the hot dog duties at the 4th of July Picnic, Rich Nicholson will be serving in this role for the last time. We are seeking a volunteer to take his place. Rich will mentor the new volunteer in all aspects of the "job" from budgeting and contacting vendors to cooking, wrapping and serving the dogs. If we don't get a volunteer, we may just have to do without for future picnics. Please contact Rich at

Message from Michael Puccini of FAIR: With the Sauganash Park Community Association being a civic member of FAiR, you know that FAIR is working daily to achieve for all our communities a real voice in securing an equitable distribution of O’Hare takeoffs and landings, day and night, east and west, and using all existing runways, including the diagonals. FAiR is the leading voice for residents and our communities on this critical issue.

In July, a large number of volunteers will distribute 50,000 door hangers throughout the entire northwest side of Chicago and neighboring suburbs. This is to create awareness among residents and let them know that they are not alone in their outrage at what these endless planes have done to their quality of life; there are ways to fight to substantially diminish the roaring noise and toxic pollution that descend upon them and their families every day and night. To accomplish this crucial goal, as a civic member, we need your help.

We are asking each of our civic members to distribute 1,000 door-hangers in each of their communities.  We’ve had individual members distribute over 1,000 door-hangers each in our previous door-hanger campaigns, so 1,000 should be a very doable number for multiple members of a civic to achieve.

FAiR will be distributing the door-hangers at the next meeting of our membership on Saturday, July 12th, at 9:00am, at the Edgebrook Library, 5331 W. Devon Ave. Chicago.  We hope that you and other members of the Sauganash Park Community Association will join us and our other civic members at the meeting.

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This page was last updated: June 27, 2014