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This page was last updated: May 3, 2015

Welcome, May! It's good to see you again!

This first weekend of this month has kicked off in a big way: NFL Draft Town hit the scene, the Cubs and Sox in full swing, and the Hawks making Chi-town proud. The Ravinia schedule is out, as well as that of free summer concerts, movies and dance events. The lakefront, Navy Pier and the zoo look alive again. Family events like First Communions, proms, graduations, and school plays have also kept many very busy! Then there's spring cleaning and planting--all things that point to life renewed and fresh starts.

We at the SPCA are ready for some fresh starts as well, as we near the end of our 2014-15 year and prepare for 2015-16. Thank you to all who attended our Sping General Meeting. We got quite a bit of positive feedback for our guest speakers, new local business owners in the community. Our next order of business will be the 4th of July Picnic & Parade, our most popular event. We've mentioned several times that we will need volunteers to assist with the hot dog station. Anyone who wishes to help should contact Bill Morrissey at (773) 824-8446. The more volunteers we have to take shifts, the more opportunity for all to enjoy the day!

Some of you have inquired about the Rosemont case, which is still pending. You will see updates through our social media outlets when there is an update. We hope that will be coming soon.

There has also been a rash of car burglaries in the 17th District in general, some of which has happened right in our own community. Please remember to rid your car of all valuables (including original paperwork, IDs, and remotes), and keep your doors locked. As the weather warms up, expect that crime can--and most likely, will--increase. Report any suspicious persons/activity to 911 as you see it in progress--do not wait! The best crime deterrent is the alert, proactive neighbor.

Remember to check our calendar for local activities and events. We try our best to find things of interest for all ages. If you have a special neighborhood activity you'd like to promote, please e-mail us at

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This page was last updated: May 3, 2015