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This page was last updated: November 2, 2015

Hello Neighbors,

The ghouls and goblins of Halloween have gone, and now enters November. It's a preparation time, the start of the holiday season. The beginning of the month marks a time for remembrance of loved ones lost, and the latter part marks the first of our holiday celebrations, a time to give thanks for who and what we have here and now. We "fall back" into memories and into shorter days/longer nights. While we still enjoy all of the wonderful fall activities--and some beautiful weather, we might add--most of us can't help but wonder what kind of winter lies ahead next month. Will it be as mild as our present weather suggests, or will we get bombarded with Arctic temps and blizzard-like conditions? We'll find out sooner or later, but again, this is the month of preparation.

One of the areas that will require some attention and preparation very soon is our Memorial Garden. Volunteers are called to an official Clean-Up Party this Saturday, November 7th, from 9:30 to 11:30 AM. Have your hearts, hands and garden tools ready to weed, trim, rake and dispose of any debris. Not only will you have the satisfaction of helping the community, you will be rewarded for your efforts with hot coffee, cider and treats.This is a great opportunity for 8th grade service hours,too, so come with your paperwork in hand! The Memorial Garden is located at Granville/Kostner, directly past the bike path.

Furthermore, as some of you may perform maintenance checks of your heaters, snowblowers, and cars for the coming winter, we on the SPCA board are prepared with our supplementary snowplow service. The greatest percentage of the Association's dues is spent on this service, and unlike the annual Children's Halloween Party, EVERYONE benefits from it. Despite the significant snowfall last year, our community's streets were pleasantly passable for two-way traffic, thanks to this valuable and timely service.If you drove through other neighborhoods last winter, you'd really have a sense of appreciation for it!

We're probably preaching to the choir, here, but we still need greater membership participation to keep our services and events viable. If you're already a member, please talk to your neighbors. Encourage them to join the SPCA! We enjoy the benefit of one of the safest, most beautiful neighborhoods in Chicago. Why? Because people care about their homes, their property and each other! Our small handful of board volunteers care, too; after all, we do live here! We do our part to contract these various services. We need everyone to participate so that we can afford them! 

$30 dues ($20 for seniors 64+) may be paid in the following manners: 

In Person: North Shore Community Bank, 4343 W. Peterson Avenue - Make sure they deposit into the SPCA account!

Mail your check: Treasurer, P.O. Box 46174, Chicago, IL 60646-0174


It is our sincere hope that you will gladly support the SPCA in all of its efforts. We count on you, and with everyone's participation we can continue to do great work and, hopefully, infuse some new events into our agenda in the coming years.

Thank you for making ours one of the best neighborhoods in the City of Chicago!

Have a great November and a Happy Thanksgiving!


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This page was last updated: November 2, 2015