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This page was last updated: June 11, 2015

Hello Neighbors,

As we look forward to the kickoff of another year, please expect to find our President's Letter and 2015-16 Membership Application in your mailbox soon. For over 50 years, the SPCA officers, board members and other volunteers have worked long and hard to ensure that our wonderful quality of life is not only maintained but enhanced through their efforts. You may or may not be familiar with what our small cadre does for you, but we spend many hours together to make things happen.

Our board meets with our civic leaders including Alderman Laurino, Rep. Mike Quigley, CAPS Sgt. Mike Anderson, 17th District Police Commander Jorge Ramirez, and Streets & Sanitation Superintendent Andrew Szorc, as well as a host of our neighboring associations and organizations. We research and publish useful information through our website and social media outlets, and respond directly to your various inquiries and concerns. We also meet with you, our members, twice yearly to apprise you of neighborhood happenings and introduce you to a range of guest speakers.  Through your membership we budget, coordinate and facilitate time-honored events such as the Kids' Halloween Party, the Holiday Home Decorating Contest and the 4th of July Parade & Picnic. We bring improvement services to our community such as the supplementary snowplow and the mosquito abatement program.

When you receive the membership form, it is our sincere hope that you will gladly support the SPCA in all of its efforts. The membership still remains at a very modest $30 per household. We count on you, and with everyone's participation we can continue to do great work and, hopefully, infuse some new events into our agenda in the coming years.

So, please see us at our table during the 4th of July Picnic in Sauganash Park, or mail/drop off your check according to instructions on our Membership Form. By the way, we could still use some hot dog volunteers. Please contact Bill Morrissey at (773) 824-8446, if interested and able.

Thank you for making ours one of the best neighborhoods in the City of Chicago!

Have a great summer!


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This page was last updated: June 11, 2015